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Learn 2 Learn Tutors Tutoring Wilmington NC

When we retired from university teaching, we took stock of what we liked best in our past work in public schools and universities. Without a doubt, it was working with children. So, not being ready to rest on our laurels, we formed a tutoring company designed to serve elementary students with a focus on kindergarten through third grade students who needed additional support in learning to read and write. While maintaining office space, recruiting students, scheduling lessons around school calendars and family commitments, we stay busy all year teaching many delightful children.

Highly Qualified Educators

Learn 2 Learn Tutors Tutoring Wilmington NC

With 40+ years in education, Daphne Driskill and Barbara Honchell have taught thousands of students and trained as Reading Recovery professionals.  These are some of the factors that allow our business to provide a unique learning experience for children.  We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why we have achieved  advanced degrees in our field. We are passionate about teaching children and we bring enthusiasm for reading and writing into our lessons.

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Our Beliefs

We believe that all children can learn.  There are many paths to reading and writing so our starting point is finding a child's strengths--what a child already knows in the areas of comprehension, oral language, and phonics.  That becomes the starting point of instruction for planned, individualized lessons

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