Meet Our Team

Daphne Driskill

Learn 2 Learn Tutors Tutoring Wilmington NC

 Mrs. Daphne Driskill has spent forty-seven years teaching ranging from graduate and undergraduate classes all the way up to first grade!  You may be puzzled by the order she uses as she summarizes her experiences, but she likes to explain it that way because elementary school teachers are essential in starting children on their learning journeys and she wants to bring attention to that.  She is a former K-12 public school teacher, reading specialist, Reading Recovery teacher and teacher leader, and staff developer.  She has taught at Ashland University, Purdue University, and University of North Carolina Wilmington.  The experiences provided her a myriad of opportunities for to develop and refine expertise in the area of early literacy teaching and learning which she has applied while tutoring young children at Learn 2 Learn Tutors.  

Mrs. Driskill lives in Wilmington, NC,  with her husband, Jim. She is a member of the "Pumpkin Church" and sings in the choir. She enjoys volunteering with the Friends of the New Hanover County Public Library and enjoys reading, knitting, and listening, singing, and making music. She particularly enjoys playing the hammered dulcimer, an instrument with a long history and so many strings it takes a long time to tune them all!

Barbara Honchell

Learn 2 Learn Tutors Tutoring Wilmington NC

Dr. Barbara Honchell earned a Doctorate in Reading and Special Education from North Carolina Chapel Hill.  She has forty-seven years of teaching experience from kindergarten to the university level.  She is a former reading specialist, K-5 literacy consultant, Reading Recovery teacher, teacher leader, and trainer.  She has taught in the language and literacy program at UNCW for the past 13 years.  Although she retirement from that institution in 2017 she still teaches classes when her expertise is needed.  

In her spare time, Dr. Honchell is active in many groups on Pleasure Island where she lives.  She is active in her church and works at Martha's Kitchen. She is an officer in the Friends of the Library of New Hanover County, and enjoys participating in two book clubs.  She is often seen about town with her sweet dog, Dix